What We Do

Our Activities

Peace Building

Our peace building activities are establishment and strengthening peace committees and councils, co-existence program (integration of peace work with “hardware” work of SDO and other organizations), advocacy at different levels, develop networks and strengthen the present ones with like-minded organizations for well coordination and support of each other’s programs, facilitate the support of peace building work through small projects, public awareness campaigns to spread the Culture of Peace
Research (about the issues that cause conflicts and finding ways to resolve them), workshops on “Do No Harm”, gender and human rights in relation to peace building, train staff of other organizations in peace building, and take on peace building training components in consortia of organizations.


Our education activities are providing basic education, teacher training (including training in methodology)
Informal education in “Home Schools”, training of teachers in peace education
Education for marketable skills: vocational training, etc., strengthening other organizations in the education sector, commercially operated training centers for English, computer skills, management, etc., and advocacy to include SDO developed peace education syllabus into the national education curriculum

Civil Society Development

Our civil society development activities are to facilitate the establishment and strengthening of civil society groups, training of management of civil society groups, advocacy for support to Civil Society Groups, facilitate coordination among local and international civil society groups, and facilitate the establishment of networks of civil society groups.

Community Health

Our community health development activities are primary health care at community level, and health education.