Partners and Affiliations

SDO has provided a wide range of services supported by Afghan Government Ministries, Foreign Government Agencies, International Development Agencies, Inter-governmental Organizations and Universities. We deeply thank our donors for their support to our mission and work. In addition to those sponsors and donors named here, SDO is deeply grateful to the community members, government officials and civil society Institutions that made our reach to target communities possible and with greater impact.

Afghan National Ministries
Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL)
Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled (MoLSAMD)
Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development(MRRD)
Ministry of Public Health (MoPH)
Ministry of Education
Bilateral Organizations
Canadian Organization for Development & Peace (D&P)
Church World Service
Danish Committee to Aid Afghan
Deutsch Gesselschatt Fuer Internationale Zusamenanrbeit (GIZ)
International Rescue Committee (IRC)
International Relief and Development (IRD)
Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
Office of US Foreign Disaster
Texas Agri-Life Research of The Texcas
War Child UK (WC-UK)
War Child Holland (WCH)
Department for International Development (DFID)
National and International Affiliations
The Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP)
GCAP is a growing alliance that brings together trade unions, INGOs, the women's and youth movements, community and faith groups and others to call for action from world leaders in the global North and South to meet their promises to end poverty and inequality. SDO works as GCAP Afghanistan and is one of the supporting organizations of GCAP.
Action/2015 is one of the world’s largest civil society campaigns made up of over 2000 organizations, networks and coalitions from 150 countries. To date, more than 30 million actions have been taken in over 100 countries as part of the campaign since its launch in January 2015. We are united by the belief that 2015 is a critical year for progress in the fight against climate change, poverty and inequality. SDO is the only partner of action2015 in Afghanistan and works with them since the very beginning and still contributes to their campaigns and programs.
Social Watch
Social Watch is an international network of citizens' organizations in the struggle to eradicate poverty and the causes of poverty, to end all forms of discrimination and racism, to ensure an equitable distribution of wealth and the realization of human rights. We are committed to peace, social, economic, environment and gender justice, and we emphasize the right of all people not to be poor. SDO is one of the organizations which promoted and developed the initiative of Social Watch.
LDC Watch
LDC Watch is a global alliance of national, regional and international civil society organizations (CSOs), networks and movements based in the LDCs and supported by civil society from development partner countries. LDC Watch acts as a coordinating body for LDC civil society to advocate, lobby, campaign and network for the realization of the Brussels Program of Action (BPoA) as well as other Internationally Agreed Development Goals (IADGs). SDO is national focal point for this global alliance in Afghanistan.
Asian Disaster Reduction & Response Network- ADRRN
ADRRN aims to promote coordination, information sharing and collaboration among NGOs and other stakeholders for effective and efficient disaster reduction and response in the Asia-Pacific region. SDO is among core members of this network in Afghanistan.
South Asian Alliance for Poverty Eradication- SAAPE
SAAPE’s main focus is poverty eradication through policy research, advocacy, lobbying and campaign works on five key themes, which are priority concerns for civil society in all countries of the region. SDO is a member of this alliance and Mr. Raz Mohammad Dalili; Executive Director of SDO is its coordinator at national level in Afghanistan.
Action Asia
Action Asia is a network of individuals and organizations in the Asia continent commi t ted to act ion for conf l ict transformation through the sharing of skills, knowledge, experiences and resources. ACTION Asia carries a vision of a world of justice and peace, where basic needs are met and dignity and human rights are respected.
Asia Pacific – Regional Civil Society Organizations Engagement Mechanism (AP-RCEM)
APRCEM is a civil society platform aimed to enable stronger cross constituency coordination and ensure that voices of all sub-regions of Asia Pacific are heard in intergovernmental processes in regional and global level. The platform is initiated, owned and driven by the CSOs, and has been set up under the auspices of UN-ESCAP and seeks to engage with UN agencies and Member States on the Post-2015 as well as other development related issues/processes. As an open, inclusive, and flexible mechanism, RCEM is designed to reach the broadest number of CSOs in the region, harness the voice of grassroots and peoples’ movements to advance development justice that address the inequalities of wealth, power, resources between countries, between rich and poor and between men and women. SDO is the focal point for People Affected by Conflict and Disasters constituency.
Peace One Day
Peace One Day’s objective is to institutionalize Peace Day 21 September, making it a day that is self-sustaining, an annual day of global unity, a day of intercultural cooperation on a scale that humanity has never known. SDO is its NGO Coalition member.
Agency Coordination Body for Afghan Relief- ACBAR
ACBAR exists to serve and facilitate the work of its NGO members in order to address efficiently and effectively the humanitarian and development needs of Afghans. ACBAR exists primarily to serve the needs of its members and to act in their interest. SDO is a member of this coordination network and Mr. Raz Mohammad Dalili; Executive Director of SDO is its steering committee member.
Afghan NGO’s Coordination Bureau (ANCB)
ANCB strives to enhance the capacity of its member organizations through workshops, seminars, as well as building partnerships with other organizations for the enhancement of technical capacity. ANCB has been working throughout Afghanistan through its 200 member in health, agriculture, human rights, women empowerment, education, environment, protection, capacity building and civic education sector.
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Afghan Civil Society Organization Network for Peace-ACSONP
SDO is a member of ACSONP, a network of civil society organizations working for promoting a culture of peace, respect for human rights and justice in Afghanistan.
SALAH is a consortium of eight well established Afghan civil society organizations including Sanayee Development Organization – SDO with a combined presence in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan active in policy and advocacy for promoting peace and security in Afghanistan based on the principles of democracy, respect for human rights, and equal participation of all Afghans regardless of their background.