About Sanayee Development Organization - SDO


About-SDOSanayee Development Organization (SDO) is an Afghan development NGO, established in 1990 in Peshawar - Pakistan, to serve Afghan refugees in that area. As early as 1992, SDO expanded its services and relocated to Kabul - Afghanistan, with the mission to contribute to the emergence of a peaceful, developed and self-sustaining Afghan society through the provision of services to vulnerable and disadvantaged people in remote and underserved rural areas of Afghanistan in the sectors of peace building, community development, education, youth empowerment and community health. Over time, SDO has established an extensive field presence and has implemented projects in 20 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces. Today, SDO continues to operate in nine provinces in the northern, western, and southern regions of the country. In addition to its Kabul Main Office, SDO runs regional offices in Balkh and Herat provinces, with project teams located in field or provincial offices in Ghor, Ghazni, Kandahar, Sar-e Pul, Jowzjan, and Faryab provinces. During recent times SDO has commanded an annual budget of between US$4 million and US$6 million which supports a program staff of around 500. Typically, SDO receives funding from a range of international donors and international NGOs for discrete development projects of limited duration, and from the Afghan government for the delivery of services, such as the facilitation of the National Solidarity Program (NSP) or the provision of basic health services (BPHS). SDO has developed strategic relationships with its donors. SDO is a sector-based core partner for Peacebuilding for the TAWANMANDI Fund (DFID, SIDA, and NORAD). SDO has also been supported by CAFOD in the field of promoting rural livelihoods and community development for over four years. SDO is an active member of major Afghan civil society networks, including ACBAR and ANCB, regional networks ADRRN, SAAPE, AP-RCEM as well as international networks, GCAP, Action2015, LDC Watch, and Social Watch. In its entire works, SDO applies a participatory, community-based approach to development, working with community-based organizations, as well as relevant sub-national government bodies.



Hazrat Abu-ul-Majad Majdod Ibn-e-Adam, well known as Hazrat Hakeem Sanayee, (1088 – 1166 A.D.) was one of Afghanistan’s most outstanding poets. His knowledge of religion, logic, philosophy and literature was cultivated by his father and his own endless pursuit of life and Islam. As an organization that aims to provide opportunities to Afghans through education, we named our organization after Sanayee as a mark of his scholarly and literary achievement and his brilliant knowledge of Islam.



Our vision is peaceful, free and developed Afghanistan, where its people sustain themselves with dignity and manage their own development .



Our mission is to contribute in reduction of violence, promote peace, social cohesion and empower communities and vulnerable groups, so they live in peaceful, developed and self sustained society



  • Islamic and Cultural Values: SDO is guided in all it does by Islamic values and respects the positive culture and traditions of the Afghan peoples. 
  • Responsiveness: We are committed for addressing the needs and legitimate demands of its target groups, enlisting their full cooperation and participation in order to promote appropriate and locally owned solutions. 
  • Equality: We believe in equality of all individuals and committed to remov the barriers in the community to equal participation and access to services and resources (irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, or disability). 
  • Respect for diversity: We values and respects diversity, understanding that differences on the basis of culture, identity, gender, and capability invariably demand separate and distinct responses. SDO is committed to upholding individual human rights and the elimination of discrimination in all its forms. 
  • Honesty: we endeavors to be transparent and open in all that it does, while also being prepared to be held accountable by target groups, donors and other stakeholders for its actions. 
  • Role model for peace: SDO is a peaceful organization, we strive to address violence and reflect peaceful manner in all we do.