Be a Peace Advocate

be-a-peace-advocateIt is not late for Afghan Children!

Be a peace education advocate for Afghanistan and make her school system peaceful and free from violence environment by supporting and standing up for peace education.  As we all know, due to war, for so many years, Afghanistan has faced challenges like insecurity and violence. But we believe that with peace education we can bring peace back to Afghanistan and people have the power to make peace possible. They can build better future for themselves, their children and the next generations to come by advocating and taking part into this peace education campaign.

Help us reach our target of Ten Thousands (10,000) signatures for peace education before (1 Nev 2017), so we can submit SDO’s petition on your behalf to Afghanistan’s Ministry of Education and make SDO and other peace builder organizations around the world more hopeful and motivated. Please show us that we are not alone in this and stand with us for peace education to be integrated into Afghan children`s curriculum nationwide.

As per findings of school based violence research curried out by SDO in seven provinces there is huge and jolter culture of violence in schools. SDO as a leading organization in peace building and conflict resolution felt responsible and developed peace education curriculum. The pilot project for peace education integration into the curriculum of 120 schools in various provinces of Afghanistan is started. Up to now, some significant positive changes are manifested in the practices of children, their parents, schools’ authorities as well as greater public based on the feedback received from the field. For further information on SDO’s peace education pilot project and information of peace education materials, please click on this link.

SDO needs your support to be able to convince all the key governmental players to take this initiative from the local to the national level and agree to integrate peace education into the national curriculum. We must continue to work for peace education.