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Enterprise Training

First set of enterprise training (Marketing Plan and Strategy Development, Value Chain and Support side of the Market and ISO and ANSA Standard Certification

Date: February 13 – 19, 2018

Time: 8 AM – 3PM

Trainer: Abdul Fatah Kazimi

Trainee: 2 Female 6 Male

Participant: DAIL and Saffron enterprise


SEEDS team started workshop with Abdul Fatah Kazimi with the three main subjects;

  1. Marketing Plan and Strategy Development
  2. Value Chain and Support side of the Market
  3. ISO and ANSA Standard Certification

Marketing Plan and Strategy Development; in first two days, Mr. Kazimi master trainer begun enterprise workshop with the following sub subjects; Marketing, importance of marketing, key parts of marketing plan, mission and vision in marketing, analysis of competitors, key sufficient in marketing, analysis of environment, place, separation, aiming, strategy development, target market, product, pricing, and sales.

Value Chain and Supporting side of the Market; in third and fourth days, sub subjects were; introduction of value chain, value chain analysis, operations in saffron value chain, steps in value chain and other value chain activities.

ISO and ANSA Standard Certification; in fifth and sixth days, sub subject were; ISO and ANSA introduction, benefits and uses of ISO and ANSA, how and where to get ISO, ISO 9001, saffron ISO, ANSA certification and check list of ANSA and ISO.

All in all, SEEDS team with Mr. Kazimi has successfully finished the first set of training and pre and post-test result shows growth in enterprises.Role play of an advertisement; introducing saffron