SDO social worker’s team are now having meeting with the community Shuras and school management Shuras in Jalalabad city and Sheikh Mesri camp. The meeting takes place in areas where  there was no community committee made . SDO staff coordinate those and actively participate in these meetings.

SDO staff had visits to schools where large number of IDP’s and returnees have arrived and whose children are not officially enrolled to school due to limitations. 

SDO community workers had meetings with the director of education of Nangrahar province, CBE responsible of education directorate, Jalalabad city education director, director of education of Surkhrod district and the community elders in order to ask  their cooperation in assessment of IDP’s and Returnees households.

Also , meeting were held with Nangrahar province Director of Economy. Our social workers team had assessment of different areas to avoid mistakes and challenges the household might face with.The objective was to achieve the goal of finding IDP’s and Returnees and as a result (2578) households in the city (zone# 4, 6, 7, 1) and (1451) in Surkhrod district ( in  Sheikh Mesri, Dr. Nasrullah meena, Dorkhan meena, wahdat meena, Shams agha meena, Hijrat village).